Lost Aspirations


When i was a boy all i wanted to become was an astronaut, I was fascinated by the universe, in awe of its mystery and its majesty. As my life progressed across 3 continents and through countless cultures my interests were replaced, and replaced again.

It became clear that my dream of becoming an astronaut wasn’t going to come true, my dream had an expiration date, and expire it did.

I am begrudgingly admittedly one of those people who are painfully  Hopeful, one that believes you should never give up either on the ones you desire or the things you love.

I think, I believe that far too many people go to the grave with regrets, regrets for not pursuing that person or that dream.
But don’t be mistaken, I do not subscribe to the belief that if you pursuit your dreams or your desires that this act alone will guarantee their fruition.  I believe that giving your dreams your best efforts is the only true way to live.

Of course this is met with great cynicism, because in this belief lies the implicit message that we are encouraged to give up on our dreams and be “realistic”. And many of us do, we fall prey to the countervailing belief that chasing our dreams requires sacrifice and suffering, neither of these experiences are valued or indeed welcomed.
We welcome comfort, value satisfaction, which are often accepted in lieu of sacrifice on the off chance of something extraordinary.

In our naiveté, we mistake comfort for Fulfillment,  satisfaction for happiness. And in our efforts to be as comfortable as possible, we comprises on our dreams and desires.

We tell ourselves that once we get enough money or experience, then we will give ourselves a chance. We are constantly looking for the perfect time to pursue our dreams and later is always better than sooner.

A lot of people are settling. People settle everyday into and okay job, an okay life. Do you know why? Because okay pays the bills,  okay keeps you warm and okay keeps you satisfied.

Okay is many things,but okay isn’t thrilling, okay isn’t passionate and okay isn’t the reason you give up everything for the smallest chance of something amazing.

Pursuing your dreams or the one you desire doesn’t at all guarantee them, but don’t you want to give it a fucking good try?
Because even though you may not want to give up on your biggest dreams or your deepest desires, they may give up on you.

They’re not Perpetual, they’re temporary, transient. And like many things in life, unfortunately have an expiration date.  And when they expire all you are left with are your compforts that start to resemble regrets.

Regret is eternal.

“Find what you love and let it kill you”
– Charles Bukowski

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